Yes8sg organizes a great Christmas event for their users

Singapore’s No.1 online betting casino will do a giveaway campaign this Christmas

Singapore: December 2019, Yes8sg in partnership with Chelsea football club will celebrate the Christmas and New Year event with their loyal users via a jersey giveaway campaign. They have decided to begin a giveaway campaign by the end of this year.

They have also set eligibility for the participants of the program. The users with the successful deposit will only be able to take part in the event. The event will be hosted by three ambassadors.

Here are the key points of the giveaway campaign:

  • The program is a lucky chance for the users of yes8sg online betting casino as the casino is going to offer jersey on that day
  • Jersey will be given to all the successful players who win on that day
  • These jerseys are officially from the Chelsea football club
  • Three key opinion leaders will be an ambassador and hosting the event
  • The live broadcast will be done via the video post on the Instagram handles of these KOLs

The giveaway campaign is going to be a worthy event to take part in as these KOLs are hosting the show. The presence of Chelsea football club’s famous players will boost up the excitement of the users who are taking participation. The officials and CEO of yes8sg will greet all their partners and sponsors and share their journey highlights as well.

This will be a great occasion for all users to know who all are behind making their online gambling casino experience reliable and trustworthy. Users from all over the world can enjoy the Christmas celebration by the yes8sg through Instagram and other social media channels.

KOLs will be handling the event via Instagram handles as well. Through their posts and video, they will keep those fans engaged who is unlucky to see the event’s happenings. Winners will get rewards and jerseys from a referrer. A referrer will have a distinctive ID called a reference ID. Winners can claim their prize on the same day and get rewards.

This reference ID is set to maintain authenticity so that all winners get jerseys straight from yes8sg. This ensures the realness of rewards.

This legal online casino Singapore is inviting the KOLs for adding glory to the campaign. And these KOLs are not ordinary personalities. All three are infamous on Instagram with an abundance of followers. Their huge fan base is expected to join the event as well. It will promote the campaign to a greater audience base. Wenxian Huang (wenxian1015_), sabee (sabee996), and TzeQian (TzeQian) are the new ambassadors for this giveaway campaign.

They will be the main attraction of the event apart from the rest of the highlights. Their main contribution to the campaign will be to engage more and more customers. Also, through their reference ID, they will distribute the rewards and jerseys to the fortunate winners. Wenxian is already contributing to the NRX brand as she is its ambassador. Sabee and TzeQian are also popular names with a large number of followers. Sabee is also a singer, a model, and an artist. Their huge popularity will contribute and benefits the Yes8sg to a greater extent.

The whole excitement of the users will be due to the Chelsea football team. It is an infamous football team with fans all over the world. Their partnership with Yes8sg is going to benefit everyone right from the fans to the supporters of both the parties. Yes8sg and Chelsea football team are both popular among their fans. This big name of football is supporting yes8sg and offering their jerseys to the users on this event further show their joint efforts.

Expectations of both this trusted online casino and users are going to get double from the event. Lots of new users will become their members by seeing the Chelsea football club as their partner. Chelsea football team will also get new fans from the betting industry. Associate partners and sponsors will get a new chance to invest in the new audience. This will boost up their campaign goals.

Overall the event and jersey giveaway is a token of appreciation by this best online casino of Singapore. It will further win the hearts of their users. Great media coverage of the event will be there that will make them a highly popular name in the online casino Singapore and the rest of the world. Yes8sg expects to boost its partnership and journey with this campaign for more upcoming years.

Engagement of all the leading names in the campaign will mark the great happenings.