Online Poker Strategy

Like everything else that is worth pursuing in life, self-study, practice, and persistence are great principles to instill in your mind-set if you want to get better at something. In this post, VivaBet Online Casino Singapore is here to address and help you aspiring poker players master some aspects of online poker, so you can learn to be more confident poker player and enjoy increasingly better games. In this article, we have drawn inspiration and some key learning points from renowned international poker players who have often shared their thoughts, tips, and insights on the game of poker to give you the confidence you need to recognize how and when you are improving as an online poker player.

Some players measure their success as a poker player based on the amount of cash won over a certain period of time. Essentially, winning more is surely as a sign of improvement, but bear in mind that there are also different types online poker players – some are short-term winners, while some are long-term winners. Some players are great at winning smaller amounts over a shorter period of time; some poker players are in for the long haul and can rack up impressive wins at the end of an extended session. Just pure numbers, are unfortunately, not a very concrete indication of improvement. So, what ARE the signs that you can look out for that show definitively that your skills as an online poker player are improving?

Playing Your Hands Well vs. Winning Money

It is a natural process and a seemingly unavoidable step for any new poker player to retrace their steps and wonder how they could have or might have prevented a loss whenever a big hand is lost. The experience and impact of losing a big hand invariably has the effect of causing a player to reconsider his/her own judgement and to analyse past decisions, but quite often, it also has the adverse effect of ultimately causing amateur poker players to play their hand meekly and more passively out of fear of losing yet another big hand. Where stronger players set themselves apart from the weaker players is in their recognition of the fact that not putting money at risk is not the problem. Rather, you can play a hand well but there are also other hands where you sometimes lose it all through bluffing, or you falsely call a bluff. The important take away for poker players who are learning to get better is to place more emphasis on playing their hands well instead of getting waylaid by the fear of losing a big hand.

Playing with Purpose and Deliberation vs. Playing out of Boredom

Playing out of boredom and having a deliberate strategy when you play your hand can yield very different outcomes for your game. It is not uncommon for some poker players to get poor hand after poor hand after poor hand. Sometimes, a player could get bad preflop hands for as much as 30 hands in a row, which can be understandably frustrating and make for a very boring experience. As such, it is not uncommon for some poker players to start craving some action and to start looking for a reason to play a hand but realistically, there is no good or profitable reason to do so. You get bad hands and that is just how it is so you will need to learn to be patient and wait for good, playable hands to come your way so you can make your move. Play Poker Online Casino Singapore NOW!